October 10, 2015 Wet Friday afternoon but dry and cool Saturday and Sunday, and it won't be long now until the start of the ski season.  Here is a great article if you are considering purchasing new poles for the upcoming season. How to Buy The Perfect Cross Country Ski Poles by Kim McKenney There is much more from this great website to help you get ready for the 2015-16 season. Cross Country Ski Technique Excellent Technique for Everyone

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Time For Summer Activities

Posted by Howard on May 29, 2015

A collection of activities to stay in shape for cross-country skiing: Roller skiing, bicycling, canoeing, running, trail running, hiking, bounding with poles, kayaking, hiking, CAT skiing, yoga, stretching, pumping iron, flag football, soccer, rollerblading, roller skating, ice skating, jump rope, rock climbing, swim, summer biathlon, triathlon, de…

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  • October 9, 2015
    US Winter Forecast: Will winter 2015-16 end up this way? PA cross-country skiers will ski the snow that falls. http://t.co/jTU3CGfB1A
  • October 3, 2015
    Weekly Long-Range Here is what might happen as we head into the cross-country ski season. Fall-ish today at least http://t.co/Pk9DZe8dyE
  • September 12, 2015
    Arctic Sea Ice Approaching Annual Minimum Extent Checking to see how the extent of sea compares to average. http://t.co/1H6EfQ8yAW