8/24/2014  It has been a wet summer in many parts of PA.  Time to check ski trails and prepare for the winter.   Oil Creek State Park and the Keystone Trails Association are planning a big work day on the ski trails  on Saturday, August 30.   There has been damage to the trails this summer due to storms and torrential down pours. The park staff is doing some work ahead of time with big equipment.  Volunteers are needed to complete the projects. Friends of Oil Creek State Park is hoping to get a good showing of support from the ski community that day.  Skiers want the trails to be in great shape for this winter's skiing enjoyment.  Please let the Friends of Oil Creek State Park know if you can assist. Contact Friends of Oil Creek State Park.  The Friends group will be providing lunch so it will help with planning.  Meet at the Egbert pavilion by the park office at 8:00 AM.  

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A Year Ago In Norway and Sweden

Posted by Howard on July 3, 2014

A year ago this week, I had the opportunity to visit places in Sweden and Norway.  I had very gracious hosts who took great care to be sure I had the full flavor of cross-country skiing in these two countries.  In Mansarp, Sweden the ski trails were all around the town.  Trails were denoted by colors.  I ran many of the paths through beautiful fore…

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